HART Government Partner Meetings

Each month, the HART government partners meet to discuss tools and approaches, and exchange ideas and concerns regarding housing need and land assessment. Recordings of these meetings can be found below.

You can find a tentative schedule of meetings below.

Government Partner Meeting – April 25, 2023

Topic: The Housing Accelerator Fund and HART’s new mandate to support municipalities and non-profits with funding proposals

Download presentation slides

Government Partner Meeting – February 28, 2023

Topic: The Canadian housing affordability report published by Scotiabank

Download Presentation Slides – Rebekah Young, Scotiabank Economics

Government Partner Meeting – January 31, 2023

Topic: Update on our Housing Needs Assessment Tool and Dataverse

Download Presentation Slides – Craig Jones, Associate Director

Government Partner Meeting – November 29, 2022

Topic: Update on our Land Assessment Tool

Download Presentation Slides – Cameron Power, Land Assessment Coordinator

Government Partner Meeting – October 25, 2022

Topic: Interpreting 2021 public Census data and Statistics Canada data tables

Download Presentation Slides – Darren Lezubski, Statistics Canada

Associated Statistics Canada Links

Government Partner Meeting – September 27, 2022

Topic: Property Acquisitions Strategies Update

Download Presentation Slides – Joe Daniels, HART

Government Partner Meeting – July 26, 2022

Topic: As of Right Zoning and expediting planning approvals for affordable projects

Download Presentation Slides – Ross Soward, City of Victoria

Government Partner Meeting – June 28, 2022

Topic: For Indigenous, By Indigenous Strategy at the local level

Download Presentation Slides – Cliff Grant, Aboriginal Housing Management Association

Government Partner Meeting – May 24, 2022

Topic: Launch of 2016 housing need data

Government Partner Meeting – April 26, 2022

Topic: Aligning planning and zoning with social and affordable housing targets

Download Presentation Slides – Christian Lee, City of Edmonton
Download Presentation Slides – Hani Quan, City of Edmonton

Small Group Discussions – Notes Summary

Government Partner Meeting – March 22, 2022

Topic: Using government and non-profit land to scale up social and affordable housing

Download Presentation Slides – Thom Armstrong, CHFBC
Download Presentation Slides – Jeff Neven, Indwell

Small Group Discussions – Notes Summary

Government Partner Meeting – February 22, 2022

Topic: Housing policy from a rights-basis: evaluating the National Housing Strategy

Download Presentation Slides – Bruce Porter, NRHN and Kaitlin Schwan, WNHHN

Small Group Discussions – Notes Summary

Government Partner Meeting – January 25, 2022

Topic: What census data can and can’t tell us: asking for a special order from Stats Canada